Have your say, and support all film-makers getting their movies discovered and seen.

Each year thousands of movies are made in the US and UK markets alone; while tens of thousands of movies are made globally, of which as much as 95% of these movies 'never' find their audience, or recover investment.

Today, there is no single point of discovery for great movies. Unless you are a studio-made picture, most movie goers will only ever get to discover blockbuster or studio-led cinema at the movie theater. The majority of quality cinema today has become difficult to discover, expensive to fund, and even harder to market.

Great films should not be dependent on who is in the movie, which studio produced it, or how much it cost produce. The words 'blockbuster' or 'independent' no longer mean anything - as they don't define the quality of the movie. Great features are created from the power of story, characters, resonance, relevance and much more.

Democratize Cinema, in collaboration with Flix Premiere, is about hearing the voices of all these film-makers, who want to share their wonderful stories with the movie goer - and on behalf of these voices - we are lobbying the industry to make this possible, to collaborate further, and to commit to DEMOCRATIZING CINEMA – so that movies goers all over the world can enjoy cinema at large.

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